I’m a bad person

I’d murder someone like me.


Can I die and not effect anyone else? If so please inform me.

I fucked up

I hate myself.
All of myself
Everything about myself


How to hurt yourself in a college dorm

A.M.E: Ashley Morgan E________. Will you fill in the blank?

You speak your true feelings when you’re not sober.
These drugs have made you give up. You said you never would.
You’re not yourself right now.
When you wake up.
Remember what you’ve said.
How I feel.
You said you’d never give up.
But it seems like you already have.
I wish I could be your knight in shining armor.
But I guess that’s not who I dreamed I was.
I just want all of you back.
I miss you.
The real you.
Never would’ve given up.
Not matter what.
At least that’s what you told me.
You said you don’t care.

There is no love. If. You. Don’t. Care.
You said you’d love me forever.

I’ll just leave it at that…

where is she?

i just want to talk to the girl who i fell in love with 

you’re not being you

i wish i could talk to sober you


following back everyone

why do you do this to yourself.  it really not worth it.  you’re literally just hurting yourself and the problem that is upsetting you is still there. it hurts me so much when this happens.

 cut the wrong way…you bleed out and die

take one too many…you liver fails and you die

every time you hurt yourself you hurt everyone around you a thousand times more.  it hurts us because we love you.  we care for you.  and we do all that we can to see that you’re safe, happy, and loved as much as possible.  

but if that one cut, that one pill, that one thing that pushes you off the cliff takes you away from us, all of our love, memories, and wellbeing are destroyed.  

literally part of us leave with you 

i personally wouldn’t last if any more of me were taken away.  i would literally be nothing.  i too would basically be gone.  

please stop. don’t take this risk ever again.  i can’t afford to lose you.  

more Importantly…


love for you is endless… don’t let that go away.

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
Victor Hugo

Please stay here with us.
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